We have spacious and well lit classrooms. Welcoming resource rooms for dance, music, library, theater, and computer and science labs. Separate spaces for games and activities. In today’s world, quality of education has been determined in an educational institution through its technology driven infrastructure. Modernized infrastructure thrives to render more refreshing, comfortable and interactive learning experiences to kids. We, at Basant Valley Global School (BVGS), acknowledge the importance of modernized infrastructure in education. This is why infrastructural development is one of our priorities. Developing infrastructure to render seamless studying is constant process for us and that is why we hold the crown of being one of the best schools in Gurgaon. We strive to give better educational experiences to students so that they can learn and become successful individuals in future.

Academic Infrastructure

At Basant Valley Global School (BVGS), Academic infrastructure ensures flawless studying ambiance for students. We have embraced the following academic infrastructural parameters:

  • Air Conditioned Classrooms: We feature spacious AC furnished classrooms for students and teachers. Giving comfortable and enjoyable studying ambiance is our aim.
  • Audio-Visual Enabled Classrooms: Today, interactive learning sessions are considered as the best methods of teaching. Through audio and visual enabled classrooms, we assure smooth interactive learning.
  • Smart Boards: With an aim to deliver interactive learning experience to students, our classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards.
  • Separate Spaces for Recreational Activities: Perfect learning atmosphere does not only refer to spacious classrooms, but also refer to separate spaces for students to enjoy recreational activities. There are common rooms for kids, separate classrooms for yoga, dancing, meditation, music, pretend play, etc.
  • Library: A library is an integral part of an educational institution. We have large collections of books in library. In addition, dedicated space is provided so that kids can enjoy storytelling sessions.

Other Infrastructure

Along with good academic infrastructure, it is our sincere and continuous quest to render seamless infrastructure in all other aspects. Basant Valley Global School (BVGS) is considered as one of the top schools in Gurgaon for this reason.

  • Safety: Safety for students is always our priority. There is CCTV surveillance or coverage for the whole school building. Additionally, fire safety gadgets are there, along with security alarms, fire alarms, etc. Dedicated security professionals are also there to render profound security.
  • Cafeteria: Separate space has been allocated for a modernized cafeteria, which is at planning phase right now. Healthy, Nutritious and hygienic foods or snacks will be offered to students at cafeteria.
  • Transport: For transportation of students, we offer school buses, which are outfitted with air conditioning system, security cameras, etc. GPS enabled buses have experienced drivers, conductors and maids to take care of kids.